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Technology advantages and benefits of agripower's systems

Fuels and samples applications

Use biomass, plastic and many other waste materials as fuel.

The AgriPower Modular Transportable System has been designed to use Biomass, plastic and many other waste materials as fuel, including:

Commercial Waste

Agricultural Waste

Municipal and Utility

Using Biomass and plastic waste for fuel provides considerable savings from avoided waste disposal fees and taxes and also produces dramatic fuel cost savings compared to using diesel fuel oil.

The AgriPower system can generate from 125kW to 2.2 MW of secure, on-site, reliable base-load electricity. These combined heat and power systems also generate heat energy suitable for heating, hot water, steam and numerous cogeneration applications. The systems can combust most types of biomass and many types of plastics in an environmentally friendly and carbon neutral manner.

The Systems can be used at a wide variety of sites and across multiple industries including:

“Big Box” stores

Disaster sites

Energy and utility companies

Farms and ranches

Grocery stores and supermarkets

Hospitals, nursing homes and similar facilities

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