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Coal To Power

Pulverization Coal to power

Turn coal to a more effective and environmentally-friendly resource for energy generation

Coal can be a difficult natural resource to collect and process. In addition, its transportation presents a number of logistical challenges. Nevertheless, about half of the electricity generated in the United States comes from coal-fired power plants. Adding value to this abundant resource allows us to use it more effectively as a source of energy; energy that facilitates economic stability and growth. Our pulverization system can be applied to turn coal into a valuable commodity through a few key stages that are cost effective and environmentally-friendly:

I. Removing excess moisture

II. Increasing BTU levels

III. Compressing the matter in such a way that increases volume for logistical operations

Our unique system pulverizes, blends, mixes, extracts moisture, and homogenizes coal instantly.

The dryer the coal is, the higher its burning value. With the system, it is possible to increase the BTU value of low sulfur, high moisture grade coals. Essentially, the system can pulverize coal to a very small or a median diameter of less than 150 microns at a production rate of 5 to 7 tons per hour per unit.

By effectively compressing the matter down, the challenges associated with transporting the coal are eliminated by enabling more rapid movement and overall higher volume. The system creates the energy to dry the coal, making it more efficient than competitive systems.

The final phase of our technology involves using the finely powdered coal in order to create energy. Two processes are added, gasification and distillation, which allow the coal to be burned as diesel fuel once it is pulverized. Our technology is cost-effective, efficient, and durable, making it the ideal tool for this abundant industry.

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