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Green Machine

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hydroponic-growing system that uses specialized nutrients, water, and lights

Our patented Green Machine™ system uses specialized nutrients, water, and lights to grow a variety of organic or traditional leafy vegetables with multiple and continuous production year round. This can take place regardless of outside climate conditions and even extends the daily growing periods, when appropriate, by utilizing both daylight and artificial light.

Applications for the Green Machine include use at home with our single-level unit or for educational programs with our two-level units.

Features Include:

Grows plants indoors or outdoors, year-roundDesigned with wheels to be easily portableOccupies as little as four square feet of spaceYields up to 64 plants (two level) or 32 plants (single level)

Coming Soon: A compact, table top unit ideal for the home chef!

Please contact us if you are interested in making a purchase or to learn more about our system!

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