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Lighting Solutions



Advanced and innovating LED Lights

For decades fluorescent lighting was touted as the brightest light and most cost-efficient – despite many downsides including easy breakage and let us not forget that pesky buzzing and flickering! LEDs arrived about a decade ago for commercial lighting use with their own downsides with heat emission and dullness just to name a few.

Our LED lights are the most advanced and innovative on the market. They simulate true daylight without the impacts of harmful UVs or IRs. Not only do these lights prevent damages to color surfaces, but the natural light is stimulating. Medical science tells us that true full-spectrum lighting is natural to us, so we feel more energy and our moods improve. At 2,000 lumens, these lights are brighter than most of today’s bulbs and can be used for a wide range of applications from home to office to industry.

Save thousands of dollars on power:

  • Healthier and happier staff/guests

  • Dramatically reduce replacement needs

  • Far exceeds market norms of life expectancy

Features Include:

  • No ballast requirement

  • Lower power consumption

  • Cool to the touch

  • Brighter than most other bulbs: 2,000 lumens

  • Built in surge protection

  • True full color spectrum

  • No flickering or flashing

  • 50,000 hour warranty

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