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Project Sprout

Hydroponics kit to give children the opportunity to grow and learn about fruits and vegetables

Project Sprout is an initiative we began in early 2012 using our hydroponics kit known as the Green Machine™ to give children the opportunity to grow and learn about fruits and vegetables as well as better nutrition year-round. The interactive nature of The Green Machine™, along with our classroom activities will help children learn how to grow, nurture and harvest their own produce, instilling them with a sense of independence and sustainability.

In this way, we aim to have our system become part of a year-round curriculum to engage children using a wide range of subjects: math, technology, science, economics agriculture, biology, etc. Not only will this help them gain new profitable, career opportunities, but it will help positively impact future generations and foster a new culture.

Currently, we offer demonstrations of our hydroponic systems and presentations throughout Rhode Island, as well as in schools in South America. We are on a mission to grow our program both across the US and internationally.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our program or to schedule a potential visit to your school or business!

In the US, we are partnered with Joy Feldman and her non-profit, The Picture of Children’s Health, and are offering demonstrations of our Green Machine along with short, 10-15 minute presentations. We have had the opportunity to visit a number of schools across Rhode Island. Just this upcoming March, we are participating in a statewide event called Eat Healthy RI and are visiting a number of schools along with city councilmen and news personalities as a show of unity to promote our children’s’ health.

In Colombia, we have joined with a non-profit organization to install kits among 50 juvenile homes for underprivileged youth and their families. These kits will serve to educate the children and help the communities foster a sustainable and economically enriching future. In addition, we have achieved tremendous support across all cultural facets. In the political arena, the Secretary of Agriculture of Caldas (a prominent district in Colombia) has agreed to become an official ambassador for the Sprout Program. Carol G., a widely popular musician is also supporting this initiative. Together, we are all hoping to influence and encourage these children to lead sustainable lives.

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