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Tire Processing

Green technology waste tire recycling plant

With today’s modern developed transportation industry, there are considerable quantities of waste tires and waste plastics being dumped and deserted without being processed. Also there are huge deserted waste tire dumps in cities and mines across the globe, which has caused serious environmental and social problems. Much land is wasted in burying these materials. Under these circumstances, it’s very urgent for countries to dispose the waste tires in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. In order take advantage of the discarded resources and get profits from these wastes, we recommend our Green Technology Waste Tire Recycling Plant, which could process 10 Ton whole tire waste tires into useful byproducts such as, carbon black, steel scraps and diesel fuel.

Benefits Include:

  • high-automatic throughput

  • energy saving

  • environmentally responsible

  • easy operation

  • low maintenance

  • high profit

  • auto-efficient by consuming its own tire oil by way of the pyrolysis process

  • diesel fuels

  • recyclable cooling water

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