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Commercial Hydro-Farm


Fully scalable hydroponic-growing system

Our patented hydroponic-growing systems known as the Gro Stax™ are fully scalable and offer the user, from farmer to school to restaurant, the opportunity to grow fresh produce year round, without any pesticides or chemicals. Gro-Stax™ are vertical, multi-layer systems that maximize the volume of growth per square foot and are applicable in an indoor or outdoor environment, 52 weeks of the year. The range of plants grown per month is entirely customizable depending on your needs. The following are just some benefits of these systems:

Grow 64 plants in as little as 4 sq. ft. and 5600 plants in 300 sq. ft., free of chemicals or pesticidesConsistent quality of produceTraining provided to ensure proper monitoring, cultivation and harvesting using our systems and techniquesHarvesting available daily for guaranteed freshnessSignificant social benefits associated with growing local produceReduced carbon emissions and promotion of green, sustainable agriculture

*Current US agency regulations only require 80% to meet Organics certification.

Below is just a brief list of recommended plants that can be grown using our Gro Stax™:

Romaine LettuceSpinachArugulaKaleSwiss ChardBok ChoyBasilCilantro

The systems can be applied in major growing applications including:

Community farmsSocial groupsChurchesBoy or Girl Scout GroupsRotary clubsFamily groupsAlso Disabled and unemployed veterans, high schools, and college students seeking exciting, profitable new career opportunities.

All required assistance and maintenance can be provided by agreement and special needs of the user.

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