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Vapor Ion Purification

Cleans and disinfects water using only water-borne negative ions.

This chemical free purification system cleans and disinfects water using only water-borne negative ions as created and borrowed from the surrounding air. It is the only complete 100% chemical-free and ozone-free water treatment available anywhere.

Benefits Include:

  • Naturally and “healthfully” purify water

  • Balances pH

  • No addition of any chlorine, bromine or other standard chemical treatments

The patented VIP (Vapor Ion Plasma) purification technology applies negative ions in the form of very fine “ionized oxygen” bubbles which are simply injected and freely circulate throughout the contaminated water. This whisper-quiet process transforms the dissolved negative oxygen ions into hydrogen peroxide and hydroxide water treatment agents, with the “source” coming from the abundantly available oxygen found in the surrounding air.

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