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Waste to Energy

Transform waste into marketable products

Large volumes of organic waste in many cases can lead to harmful environmental effects. There are many variations of waste that can effectively be transformed. Animal waste, for example, can be a breeding ground for bacteria and is a burden to farmers given the high cost of disposal. This waste can be turned into various profit- producing sources using our pulverization technology. By increasing the BTU value and reducing the material to a fine, dry powder, it can then be blended with other materials to create custom fertilizers and other marketable products. The dried material can also have value as a fuel source. If applied, our system can be used to help any business repurpose waste and achieve net zero operations.

Our unique system pulverizes blends, mixes, extracts moisture, and homogenizes organic waste instantly. Much like our coal process, the system can effectively compress the matter, which alleviates any challenges associated with transportation.

The next phase of our technology involves using the finely dried material to either create energy or key marketable products. The first process can use the pulverized material to create pellets for burning and creating energy. A hydrocarbon conversion process can be added to create a bio char for fertilizers. Furthermore we are actively developing gasification and distillation that can be added to our process, which allows the pulverized material to be burned as diesel fuel. Our technology is cost-effective, efficient, and durable, making it ideal for alleviating the harmful effects associated with organic waste and the burden of disposal costs.

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